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      Time and Tide wait for no man and the diligent will be rewarded for their perseverance. Since 2005 when Lala Translation Firm established itself as a professional language services provider in Ningbo-the modern and cosmopolitan harbor city, we have made determined and remarkable efforts to shape us into a translation leader with commitment, efficiency and specialization. Currently, Lala has extended its business to a range of as far as all across the world, including Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi and other A-list cities. Highly recognized by our clients, including MNCs, industrial corporations, government and agencies, research centers and institutes, and various social elites, we take pride in providing top quality translation services of specialty and diversity, including translation, consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation of 39 languages, and other language services like editing, proofreading and dubbing. The high reputation proves our strengths.

      As one of the translation firms that have created competitive edge out of industrial segmentation, Lala lays much emphasis on studying diverse industries such as mechanics, law systems, electronics, energy and chemical fields. With in-depth understanding of features in the texts for industrial and academic purposes, Lala has accomplished translation projects of millions of words, among which many cases of legal documents, industrial standards, publicity materials and proposals, and technical data in multiple languages can be taken as examples.

  Being a young brand, Lala has set itself as a trustworthy language services provider. The rigorous staff selection and motivation system has ensured the immense potential of Lala. With a tank of 180 experienced translators, all of whom are not only proficient bi-linguists, but dedicated authors with expertise in both theoretical involvement and industrial practices. Lala is capable of offering one-stop language services to you. From the refined and witty slogans or advertisement proposals to the full range of documentation, Lala is an efficient backup for you. Witnessing the growth of many local enterprises, we have proudly been part of their process of going national and global. The interpretation team has been very helpful in many conferences of international scale, including being bilingual hosts, simultaneous and consecutive interpreters. We also provide the book proofreading and review services to the publishers. So far more than 800 copies of non-Chinese books through the strict selection and review system of Lala have been released in China.    

       Through several years of development, our efforts pay off with understanding, trust and support from an increasing circle of client. With more recommendation from the translation associations, we do not only target the Yangtze River Delta region, but also serve clients all over the world through cooperation with many international translation organizations. Proficient and professional with our services up to the international standards, we have established long-term relationship with many corporate clients in Ningbo, including Youngor, Guangbo, Aux, Yeong-Shang, Ocean World, Huaxiang, Roaby, Degson, Hanhua, and Sumsing and so on. Expertise of industries polishes our cutting edge in translation, well justifying Lala's increasing popularity. Excellence in services and credibility constitutes the wings of Lala's soaring as a rising star in the industry of translation.

       Lala survives and triumphs with its customized one-stop language solutions for clients, enabling them to concentrate on projects of their own superiority and compete with fewer costs in languages crossing. To create welfare for our clients and propel their advances in localization and globalization, Lala is committed to bringing forth efficient proposals for trans-cultural communication with more cost effectiveness. Looking forward to your presence, we will always deliver the best and most considerate services for you.

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