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To our dear customers: Hello, welcome to Lala Translation Firm. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by our clients. The answers are presented in a general manner for you. If you have any further queries, please contact our customer services department at any time. We'd love to answer your questions. Please contact Miss Qiu at 0574-87956575 or Miss Zhang at 0574-87955209.

Re:Besides English, Lala has strengths in providing translation services in Croatian, Dutch, Farsi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swedish, Czech and Greek and so on. With a translation tank of over 180 dedicated translators covering more than 40 languages, we can offer services of translation, interpretation, dubbing in foreign languages and bilingual hosting or hosting in foreign languages. 

Re: We will give you our quotation in response to your inquiries through phones, online messaging software or e-mail. We accept the payment in foreign currencies. You can have the account information of our company after we reach our agreement of cooperation. (We have to state here that we do not compete through low prices since we are offering you the most favorable and cost-effective services. Our prices may seem not to be the lowest in the industry. However, every cent you spend for our services will be well rewarded with our most reliable quality and highest efficiency.

Re: Thank you for your question and concerns. We are very confident to provide you with the translation version of faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance. Our confidence originates from the professional team and the vigorous quality control system of translation well coordinated between project managers, translators, and editors. Besides the field of engineering you just mentioned, our translators are specialized in the fields of laws, business, automotive components, high-tech electronics, and academic research. The strict system of translation task assignment based on the expertise of our translators, timely follow-up from the project managers and meticulous translation editing services justify our commendable services as a helpful language solution provider to our corporate clients.
Our human resources department is supplying us with the up-to-date talents in translation circle every day. Besides the team of professional translators, we also have established great cooperation and friendship with our part-time translators with the support of the attractive and encouraging staff motivation system. The translation project manager will deliver your original texts to the most suitable and competent expert translator, who is not only senior in translation, but also with rich industrial experiences (professional in mechanical engineering in your case). We also have the industry subdivision for mechanical engineering (for instance, molding and casting, hydraulics, shipping machinery and so on). We have built up a team of translation with the most specific industrial segmentation to ensure that you are served with the professional of language and industry as well.

Re: We do not claim that we maintain a 100 percent no-Error rate. However, we always pursue better out of the best in translation. We do not identify ourselves as the largest translation company in the industry. Instead, we do provide our services for the market in Ningbo with full concentration on industrial segmentation. As a matter of fact, industrial segmentation has brought forth noteworthy fruits and significant contributions to the improvement of overall translation industry in Ningbo. Focusing on understanding the updating local industries, we create our competitive edge in the fields of laws, mechanical industry, automotive industry, high-tech electronics and petrochemical industry.
During the past several years, we have successfully acted as the long-term translation service provider for Guangbo and Youngor. The stable relationship and ever increasing trust established between Lala and Aux, Zhenxiong, Antonlin Huaxiang, Roaby, Yongguan, etc. has been mutually beneficial. Our services regarding the translation of technical data, product manual, industrial standards and legal contracts do not only stand for our commitment of selling the best, but also represent our dedication to solving their problems and creating welfare. We have won their recognition by providing most professional services and creating considerate schemes to help them cross languages and cultures more smoothly.

Re: Since all the above questions are concerned about our team, we will try to answer them briefly in the following several words.
First of all, all the translators, full-time or part-time, are senior and professionals with expertise of at least one field. The part-time translators are mostly soho freelance translators who are both translators and authors. We do not hire student translators except for some minor languages due to the lack of professional talents in the entire industry. However, the student translators of minor languages are all professional translation certificate holders. If you intend to seek for some low-cost student translators, we are sorry to tell you that you might be disappointed because top quality is what we are counting on and living for. Except a group of college teacher translators responsible for academic research projects and liberal arts who have cooperated with Lala for many years, most of our translators are professionals who take translation their first career. Our selection of translators is totally based on their proficiency, and efficiency of work, their dedication to the career of translation and desire to shaping themselves as the best translators, editors or authors.
We are proud to set up an outstanding managing team with great coordination and severe quality control system. The timely communication between the Marketing, Translation Project, and Customer Services and HR departments ensures the rule of “translation with specialization, editing with meticulousness and delivery of final version with top quality translation and classy makeup”. Therefore, though I am also an English major, I am not responsible for the translation tasks. I am with the Customer Services Department.
Most translators are Chinese, though there are several overseas translators who charges higher translation fees in our company. So if you require urgent services from them, please take the time difference into consideration. A visit to our Bulletin system of translators is strongly recommended. Go to the Translators' Tribe! New!

Re: Yes. The seal of translation is valid and verified by the relevant authorities, including the court, the bureaus of industry and commerce, and the embassies and so on.

Re:The interpretation services require reservation, especially for the interpretation projects of minor languages.
In Ningbo, the interpretation services of Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean are in great demand. However, due to the fact that there are few interpreters of Spanish and Italian permanently residing in Ningbo, the transfer of interpreters from Shanghai is involved in some projects. Considering this, the clients need to bear the cost of transportation and accommodation. That is the reason why the interpretation services of Spanish and Italian charge higher. Compared to them, the prices for the interpretation services of Japanese and Korean are quite favorable
Additionally, almost all the projects of interpretation, consecutively or simultaneously for conferences, banquets and other business activities, will be better accomplished with full preparations in advance. So the early reservation is advisable.
As for other details, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is very convenient for us to go through the procedures together as we are very backed up with quite a lot of projects experiences.

Re: The regular work load for one translator is 3000 Chinese characters or 2000 words in foreign language per day. In order to ensure the accuracy and coherence of translation version, one translator is assigned for a project of no more than 10,000 words. As for the project of large scale, the translation project team will be established. The editing and proofreading time is equal to that of translation. Therefore, where your project requires a daily workload of 150 percent of our regular work load or more, we charge an extra 30 percent urgent service fee. Quality is always our first priority. We never risk our reputation by delivering projects in a rush. Please reserve your services, if necessary, to ensure the timely completion of your project. We assign projects only to the professionals with industrial expertise. This is not only a promise, but our practice all the time.

Re: Yes, we will be fully responsible. We sincerely welcome the feedback from our clients at the earliest time. In case that there are problems, we will arrange our translation editor team to review and remedy the translation version. When it is our translators who should take the full responsibility, we will refund fully or partially to cover your loss. However, based on our previous experiences, the foregoing seldom occurs since we are willing to establish long-term cooperative relationship with you and expect you to be the reference for our services. Once again, we would like to stress that quality is our first priority and we will do whatever it takes to maintain our reputation and build up our brand.

Re: The translation projects are launched while the down payment is paid in the amount of 50 percent of the total fees. The rest 50 percent should be settled within five working days subsequent to your reception of the translation version. You can pay by cash, telegraphic transfer or check to the account of our firm or the personal account of our legal representative.

Re: It is part of our professional ethics to keep the materials and documents provided by our clients confidential. We honor the confidentiality clauses not only because it is our obligations, but also out of our social conscience and dedication to the cause of translation. If you insist on the signing of confidentiality agreement, we will provide you with our regular draft and we would love to sign it. It is very convenient for us.
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