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Lala has a powerful team proficient in the translation of legal documents. Since its establishment, Lala has entered into cooperation with over 30 local lawyer firms. We also maintained cooperation and friendship with many lawyer firms in Zhoushan. With frequent exchanges of ideas with the lawyers specialized in foreign trade and affairs, Lala's translators of legal fields have grown tremendously with their work highly recognized by the courts of various levels in Ningbo and maritime court.

       Besides this, the notarization documents are also something we have competitive edge, including the application materials for overseas students, the registration data for newly established companies, the ownership materials of real estate property. Lala is highly notable for its delivery of valid and accurate translation version and our official seal of translation approved by the notarization agencies and industry and commerce bureaus.

The translation services of the legal documents we provide include, but not limited to:
i. Legal documents of lawyer firms in various languages
Litigation Documents( Complaint, Certificate of Service, subpoena, various notifications, Court Verdict, etc.)
Evidences( Maritime report, bill of lading, Inspection Report of various accidents, commercial invoice, power of attorney, etc.)

ii. Legal documents for corporations
Registration documents ( bank reference certificate, license and passport etc.)
Various contracts and agreements ( power of attorney, agreement of purchase and sales, confidentiality agreement and signed documents of various types, etc. )

Clients of long-term cooperation and sample projects
 Zhejiang Haitai Lawyer Firm
Marine Report, Bill of Lading and Packing List, Nationality Certificate, Secure Construction Records, Certificate of Classification and so on. Translation services in many languages including Chinese, English and Spanish.

 Zhejiang Zhihai Lawyer Firm
Notarization Document of Power of Attorney, *** Accident Inspection Report, Official Commercial Registration, the complete set of court documents, and so on. Translation services in many languages including Chinese, Greece, Korean, German, Spanish and English.

 Zhejiang Daosi Lawyer Firm
Bill of Complaints, List of Evidences, Analysis Report of Articles and so on. Translation services in many languages including Chinese, French and English.

 Zhejiang Yongtai Lawyer Firm
*** Supply Agreement, *** Sales Agreement and its Attachments, and so on

 Ningbo Karcher Cleaning Utensil Co. Ltd
*** Property Leasehold Contract, *** Employment Agreement and so on

 Ningbo Yeong-shang Casting Iron Co. Ltd
Supply Agreement *** Sales Contract, and so on

 Ningbo New Century Accounting Firm
Documents for the registration of the company-a translation project of one million words including the financial report, license, bank reference certificates, legal representative's passport and so on in German.


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