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The translation projects regarding mechanics and engineering are normally featured with great tech content and shorter delivery period, including those for molding and casting, bridge-building, shipping, etc. The large amount of terminologies and crucial details makes the translation task tough, requiring solid professional background and high accuracy and clearance of wording. In response to this, Lala has set up a reservoir for translators with mechanics and engineering background who are not only proficient in translation, but also with keen understanding of know-how in the field. That is why Lala can always accomplish the translation projects of mechanics and engineering with high efficiency and effect. To date, we have served as the long-term language solutions provider for Ningbo Yeong-Shang Casting Iron Co. Ltd, Raoby Technical Industrial Corporation, Baoxin Stainless Steel, Tuotai Industrial, Chap Machinery Manufacturing and other large enterprises. All our clients have supported us with their great praises and recognition of our commitment.

The translation services of mechanical and engineering documents we provide include, but not limited to:
Technical standards and criteria of different industries, including ISO standards, UL standards and so on
Quality manual and other procedure documents
Mechanical drawing and design icons(including those in the format of CAD)
Products and installation instructions

Clients of long-term cooperation and sample projects
 Ningbo Yeong-Shang Casting Iron Co. Ltd

Operational Manual for the Air Compressor Cooler, Wheel Hub Casting Parts Criteria, Painting/Decoration Standards, Wind Turbine Motor Shell for the GE Wind Energy System, Wind Turbine Generator System, Siemens Components Requirements and Standards. Translation services in many languages including Chinese, English, Spanish and German.

 Ningbo Roaby Scientific and Technological Industry Group
Industrial Standards-Modular Multi-directional Displacement Comb Plate Expansion Joint, Brief of Diversely-Shaped Steel Bridge Expansion Joint, RB Modular Multi-directional Displacement Comb Plate Extension Device, Users' Feedback Report

 Ningbo Weiyang International Trading Co. Ltd
User's Manual of Series 135 Diesel Engine, Three-phase Synchronous Compound Excited Generator, Product File List, 50-31B Water Pump Operation and Maintenance Instruction Pressure Reducing Valve Operation and Maintenance Instruction, Air Tank Operational Manual and so on.

 Ningbo Chap Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Operational Manual of HY2000 Rubber Injection Molding Machine, Introduction of CHG 50J Injection Molding Machine, User's Manual of Rubber Flat Vulcanizing Machine and so on.

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