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Energy & Chemical

Energy and chemicals is a special field for translation services, which requires high professional background of translators and their sensitivity to the industrial advances. For those who only have high proficiency in languages, even the complicated terminology can be a barrier to translation work. Our team of translators in energy and chemical fields has rich work experiences in the fields of petrochemical and chemical industry and close contact with various organizations of energy or enterprises. Their competitive edge lies in the high command of terms and technical wording. In fact, they have established their fames as a desirable team of services provider for accuracy and properness in translation. We are proud of recognition from enterprises including Hanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Co. Ltd, Ningbo Sino-European Recycling Resources Co. Ltd, Cooper & Turner Group and so on.

The translation services of the Energy & Chemical documents we provide include, but not limited to:
Instructions of equipments, operational manuals and so on
Products' profile, User's Manual, Certificate of compliance and so on
Industrial standards and documents of requirements and criteria
Company website, brochures and other materials across multiple languages

Clients of long-term cooperation and sample projects
  Hanhua Chemical Ningbo) Co. Ltd
Standards of Petrol-Chemical Terms and Documentation

 Ningbo Sino-European Recycling Resources Co. Ltd
Contracts of employment, business license, Instructions for Fire Extinguishment

 Cooper& Turner (Ningbo)International Trade Co. Ltd
Proposal of Power Generation in the Global Market   5S Implementation Plan   Introduction of Wind Power Generation Parts

 Ningbo Wanhua Polyurethanes Co. Ltd
Lala provides Japanese interpretations services for Ningbo Wanhua Polyurethanes Co. Ltd in the projects of equipments maintenance services.

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