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拉拉翻译客服   拉拉翻译客服

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Lala Translation Firm is an authorized book review report issuer with the approval of press and publishing bureaus. We are entitled to issue the review reports for books in foreign languages, the product catalogues, cards, picture albums and so on. With rich review experiences of many years, we are regarded as the officially assigned agency of review in Ningbo. Our review team is well informed and sensitive to the changes in relevant policies, thus ensuring the updating of forms and contents for book review. The review reports are in compliance with both the trends in press & publishing and the applicable laws and policies. We provide the review services for many languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, and Estonian. Presently, the monthly output of our review reports is up to as many as over 40 volumes.

The review services we provide mainly involve in the following fields:
Novels and best-sellers of various kinds( including the complete and simplified editions)
Uisine arts and cooking instructions, physical exercises and sports, beauty saloons and hairdressing, constellation augury, magician arts and other books for Entertainment purposes
Historical stories, biographies, travel notes, animal world and other introductory books
Cards, bookmark and postcards
Catalogues for diverse products

Clients of long-term cooperation and sample projects
 Zhejiang Guangbo Group Co. Ltd
ody-building and Exercises, Recipes for Steaming, Dinosaurs, Horoscope, Banquet Cocktails, International Chess, Cocktails and Drinks, Food Therapy, Drawing Skills, Magician Arts, How to Make Your Own Greeting Cards, Calligraphy and so on. Covering many languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Finnish, and Estonian etc.

 Ningbo Newspaper and Printing Development Co. Ltd
Reviews of religious books, translation of authorization documents

 Ningbo Tianjiu Printing Co. Ltd
Children Security Manual 2008 Summary of German Herding and Breeding, Hunter, Pediatrics, 2008 Campus Journal and so on.

 Sanhe Printing Co. Ltd
Dijia Catalogue of Fishing Tackle, Kozee Komforts Brochure, Catalogue of Costume, Universe Enterprise List and so on.

 Ningbo Qiming Printing Co. Ltd
Catalogues of various products, card collections and picture albums and so on.

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