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Our Team

Take care of our dreams, Just as a gardener does to the plants.
Trimming and tending Require our commitment and concentration.Sometimes, not all the buds will bloom.
Thus prioritizing ensures the sustainable development.

Quality and Specialization is our first priority.
Stay focused to make more business booming.

Committed to providing the best,
Lala is an evergreen tree in full bloom in Ningbo with expertise of translation in diverse industries. 
Concentration in industrial segmentation serves as our inexhaustible nutrition. 

       These poetic words were written by Miss Shen Xiaoli for the release of Lala's post card, well reflecting what we feel about in the garden of translation.
It is not easy to always stay focused with full dedication. Many clients once asked us,“why not move to foreign trade directly given your solid background in language? Business is more profitable compared to translation.”For all the staff of Lala, translation is not only their career path, but also a cause that is worth pursing and striving for, and a vessel to realize our dreams of bridging diverse languages and cultures. 
We enjoy ourselves while offering services to our clients so that they will get what they want in their business. Being part of their success, we translators exert the power of language by continuously discovering the magic of communication. How can we be more joyful and contented than this? For us, engaging in translation and providing language solutions to our clients makes us closer to the fulfillment of our life.

       Young and self-motivated, the managing team of Lala is persistent and precise. A glimpse of our profile will make you convinced of our competency and potential.
Managing Team
 Qiu Cong   General Manager Senior Interpreter 
Project experiences:Sumsing, Huaxiang, Younger, Agricultural Bank of China, Ningbo Grand Theatre, Yongguan Corporation and so on. Currently as the general manager of Lala, she is responsible for the overall management and coordination of different departments while following up the Customer Relationship Management. With the certificate of Shanghai advanced English interpretation, Qiu has worked as a professional interpreter for more than six years with 3 years of translation experiences.

 Yang Ling   Human Resources Manager 
With the certificate of TEM-8, Yang is a bilingual host and dedicated translator. Being the human resources manager, Yang is responsible for the recruitment and orientation training for translators in Lala. Having rich experiences, Yang has helped the build-up of the tank of 180 translators, covering 39 languages and many industries, including the professional English translators (in engineering, medicine, chemistry and academic literature) and the minor language translators such as Estonia, Czech, and Swedish. With an amicable personality, Yang develops very good cooperation and personal relationship with all these translators, well guaranteeing the low turnover of staff for Lala.

 Li Yi   Translation Project Manager
With great perspectives and wonderful organizational skills, Li has unique sensitivity to language in translation project management. With a deeper understanding of the specialization of translators, Li can always meticulously accomplish the coordination and almost all the tasks of translation for Lala. The projects including 100 thousand words of Aux's air conditioning operational manual finished within 4 days, 50 thousand words of legal and procedure documents for Karcher, over one million words of data sheet for Yeong-Shang delivered in 16 days and so on, are some of examples to show her efficiency.   

 Zhang Jingjing   Customer Services Manager
Firstly working as the proofreader, Zhang is notable for ascertaining how to deliver the underlying intents of authors in the translation version. Later on, she was transferred to the customer services department and soon promoted as the manager. She is responsible for the relationship maintenance with clients including Younger, Guangbo, Aux, Risheng, Donglan Digital, and Haitai Lawyer firm. As an English major with TEM-8 certificate, Zhang Jingjing is proficient in both English and Chinese. With sharp sensitivity to the diverse texts, she well bridges our customers and translators, greatly enhancing the efficiency of entire translation system.

 Li Hui   Marketing Manager
Graduated from Tianjin City University, Li Hui joined us with her intense curiosity in translation. With strong critical thinking and logicality, Li contributes a great deal to the promotion of our services to the local corporate clients. Well understanding the niche and trends of translation industry, Li is very helpful to build up relationship with our clients.

        A team of over 180 dedicated translators with solid industrial and academic background is the driving force for Lala's translation and interpretation services of top quality. The translators' Bulletin System is specially set up for the constant recruitment and selection of excellent translators and interpreters. We sincerely welcome more concerns from the public and clients over these dedicated workers of language and their contribution to the rapid development of economy and industry. For more information, please visit our Translators'Tribe..

Team of Translation: 
 Ms. Jiang   Professional Translator
With high proficiency in both translation and linguistics, Jiang sets her translation version apart with excellent command of language and sensible accommodation of texts' intended purposes. Her insight and strong professional ethics well justifies the high praise from our clients. Dexterous in the translation of operational instruction and quality manual, she has accomplished many translation projects, including the user's manual of Aux air conditioning system. Self-evaluation: proficient in translating the texts in the fields of machinery, engineering, architecture, electrics and electronics, automobiles and automotive parts, energy and environmental protection, international trade and business, etc. Meticulous and attentive to details; with strong interpersonal communication skills.
Samples of translation projects:
楚1. Chutian Feeds Solutions and relevant data
2. The complete set of machinery of Yeong-Shang Casting Iron Co. Ltd
3. The quality system certification project for Datang Micro-electronic Technological Co. Ltd
4. International Standards of Lotus Flower Series of Roadster for Research Institute of Passenger Vehicle, Zhejiang Jinhua Youth Automotive Corporation
中5. Bidding Documents and Pipeline Projects for Zhongha Pipeline Co. Ltd

 Mr. Cheng   Professional Translator
translation projects regarding engineering, automobile and automotive components, among which the maintenance instructions, user's manual and navigation handbook represent some of the examples. For the past four years, Cheng has established his fame as a translation expert in the field of automotive industry. Cheng's great sense of humor and remarkable curiosity has been a great asset to our company. He can always inspire those who are around him. Besides the translation tasks, he is also quite helpful as a translation editor in the project of Antonlin Huaxiang.
Samples of translation projects:
丰1. Ten translation projects of Maintenance Instruction, User's Manual and Navigation Handbook for Toyota, including the models of IS300、LS460、LS600、EX350, GX460、ES350、Rav4)BR>2. Maintenance Instruction and Operational Manual for the domestically made vehicles, including BYD.
3. Translation editing for the project of Antonlin Huaxiang.

 Mr. Xu   Professional English-Greek and Chinese-Greek translator and Interpreter
As a senior translator, Mr. Xu has been engaged in the English-Greek and Chinese-Greek translation for over 30 years. For the past three decades, Mr. Xu has hands-on experiences in the field of shipping, ship chartering, international ship agency, cargo agency, international logistics, and mine industry. He was once employed in Sinotrans with field experiences in more than a dozen foreign countries. With expertise in organizational management and good relationship with shipping companies and authorities, Mr. Xu's excellence in translation is well backed up by his solid academic background. As one of the best alumni for Shanghai International Studies University, Mr. Xu is one of the top translators that are highly sought after by our clients with his enriched working experience and expertise in shipping and logistics. Mr. Xu has set a good example for all the staff in Lala for his modesty and demanding attitude toward language.
Samples of translation projects:
1. Construction project for the new premise of Chinese Embassy in Greece, including the relevant contracts and agreements.
2. The project of over 1 million Greek words regarding the marine laws, the Court Verdict and bill of complaints.
3. Participating in the compilation of the first Chinese-Greek dictionary.

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